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Pope Francis, Virtues for Curia

During his 2016 Christmas speech Pope Francis presented the Catholic church’s bureaucracy with a list of “needed virtues” including humanity, accountability and humility.
In what sounded like a pep talk for a beleaguered team (the Curia) in need of some spiritual sustenance, he listed 12 virtues that could serve as a practical aid to church officials.pope Francis
The other virtues included in the pope’s guide were a call for senior officials to be more pastoral in their approach, more reasonable and gentle, more charitable and honest, more open and mature, and more respectful, diligent and attentive.
“Accountable and trustworthy persons are those who honour their commitments with seriousness and responsibility when they are being observed, but above all when they are alone; they radiate a sense of tranquility because they never betray a trust,” Francis said.