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The Courage map

Bijgaand een overzicht (in het Engels) van ‘The Courage Map’: 13 Principes om doortastend te leven.

Dit is een opmerkelijk boek van de hand van de Zwitsers-Australische Franziska Iseli. Het boek heeft een Voorwoord van Richard Branson, niet de eerste de beste.
Het boek is een wegwijzer om moediger, gedurfder te worden en het leven daardoor te verrijken. Iseli heeft het geschreven nadat ze een ‘hels-avontuurlijke’ tocht per motor maakte vanuit Europa over de zijderoute. Daar heb je, vooral als vrouw, veel lef voor nodig.
Het boek is een aanrader. Het leest prettig en is begeesterend. Als je jezelf als persoon wil verbeteren , moet je The Courage Map beslist lezen, zeker als je meer lef ambieert. Ik heb er van genoten en er veel van opgestoken. Komt goed van pas in mijn eigen deugd-ethische activiteiten.


‘The more you practice, the more courageous you become’ (Franziska Iseli).

It is a book about embracing your struggles and challenges and turning then into triumphs.
Courage is the Instigator of Life’s Greatest experiences. It is the extra something that helps us from an ordinary life into an extraordinary life. Some dream it. Some do it.
Courage is a skill and anyone can learn it. No matter how little or how much courage you have now, you can always find more. Make a conscious effort to expand your courage boundaries
Courage allows you to stay true to yourself, lead by example, make a positive impact, and live without regrets.
Four things courageous people do consistently:

  • Stay true to yourself
  • Take more risks
  • Face difficulties head on
  • Lead by example.

Iseli divides her book into 13 principles to help you develop your courage and expand your boundaries. Each principle can help you make bolder decisions.
The thirteen principles are the following:

  • 1. Stories. The meaning of your life is the meaning you give your stories
  • 2. Truth. Don’t be afraid to step up, stand out, and live your truth.
  • 3. Intentions. Set your intentions. Think of your life as a road trip and choose your adventure.
  • 4. Trust. Know and trust yours strengths to live your truth, and learn how and when to trust others to go further than you can go alone.
  • 5. Intuition. Intuition can help you live more effortlessly and courageously by creating a feeling oif certainty even with the presence of fear. To embrace your intuition, tune in, connect with your heart and practice mindfulness.
  • 6. Love. Learn to keep your heart open by coming from courage, versus reacting out of fear.
  • 7. Kindness. Don’t make kindness something you only do out of convenience. Make kindness the default way you do things, no matter the circumstances.
  • 8. Imperfections. Get comfortable with the potential of messing up and making mistakes
  • 9. Non-attachment. When you detach yourself from desire, you will be able to make decisions based on courage.
    1. Flow. Learn to dance with your flow.
    1. Playfulness. Don’t forget how to play as you take on more of life’s responsibilities.
    1. Evolution. Evolve your mindset to expand your courage boundaries. Practice evolving in five main levels: mental, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.
    1. Commitment. Commit to courage. Go big enough, so that you are stretching your courage boundaries and feeling a little bit uncomfortable, but not so big that you don’t believe you can achieve those dreams.

Key takeaways

  • 1. Courage is a skill you can practice and evolve in all areas of life
  • 2. Courage is the key to living a life you don’t regret.
  • 3. Choose your adventures in life to create the stories and experiences that light you up.
    The Courage map is highly entertaining reading. It is highly positive. Franziska can serve as a role model for women and men. The book is available at Amazon. At less than five euros its is an outright gift!